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Embarking on a New Journey

The Significance of Starting School

Starting school marks a pivotal moment in the life of every child and their family. At Learn & Grow Child Care, we understand the importance of this transition and strive to provide comprehensive support, ensuring that children are well-prepared for the exciting journey of formal education.


Insights for Parents

Weekly Expertise Shares

As part of our commitment to your child’s development, we share our expertise with parents on a weekly basis. These insights include practical ideas and suggestions that parents can incorporate into their home routines. We believe that by fostering collaboration between our child care center and parents, we can ensure a holistic approach to a child’s growth and learning.

In our centers, all activities and experiences are thoughtfully curated to provide your child with a solid foundation of skills and attributes. These elements are carefully designed to nurture confidence and capability, laying the groundwork for a successful venture into the next chapter of their lives—formal education.

Engage in open conversations about school, read books together, and gradually introduce routines that align with the school schedule. Our additional experiences in the term before departure will also contribute to their readiness.

Continuous Personalised Care

Building a Relationship of Trust

Throughout your child’s time at nursery, their key person remains a consistent source of support. By considering your child’s needs and interests, the key person ensures a personalised and enriching experience, promoting learning through play in a nurturing setting.

Commencing on the Nursery Adventure

A Guide for Parents

Selecting a nursery is one of the initial and crucial milestones in your child’s life. At Learn & Grow Childcare, we recognize the significance of this decision and are dedicated to supporting you through this exciting journey.

Ensuring a Happy and Smooth Transition: At Learn & Grow Childcare, we are enthusiastic about providing a joyful, seamless, and memorable transition into our nursery for every child. 

Personalised Settling-In Sessions: During the settling-in sessions, our aim is to understand every detail about your child. This includes their current routine, comfort preferences, cherished stories, and preferred activities.

Settling-in sessions help your child acclimate to the new environment, allowing us to understand their preferences and needs better, ensuring a smoother transition into nursery life.

Parent Information